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International English Examinations across Russia,          Spring2019

Euroexam International English examinations will take place right across Russia during April and May 2019.  Give your kids that amazing opportunity of working with a native English speaker to achieve a valuable, international examination with Euroexam International this spring.

Special awards for top students


Special talent needs encouraging, motivating and development. Verba International has always believed that the right international language examinations achieves these important aims.



We are delighted, for the first time ever, to make two achievement awards for the 2017 - 2018 academic year for Euroexam International examinations across Russia.  These awards recognise special achievement or talent.  They are not results based, they are awarded where candidates have achieved something that we consider to be very, very special.

Maria Voronina

At the time of the Spoken exam, Maria was just seven years and eight months old. Maria first met her teacher, Natalia Krutskaya of Clever, Saratov when she was a baby. “I taught Maria's elder sister who passed the B2 exam at the age of 12”, states Natalia, who continues, “I remember Maria lying on the table in my teaching room, she was a baby and her Mum took her sister for a lesson and brought Masha with her”.

Maria does not come from a privileged family, they are not wealthy. It is Maria’s grandmother who is her real inspiration. Maria started having lessons at the age of 4 and it is her grandmother who not only takes her to the lessons but tries to learn additional material with her.

In December, Maria sat opposite me for the Spoken examination.  She spoke well, with good pronunciation and clearly enjoyed the experience.  Independent markers at the Euroexam International examination board awarded her a Distinction at A1 Spoken. 

Awarded a free Written test courtesy of Verba International, in April, Maria achieved a very creditable  Pass. Having given this little lady an opportunity to take the A1 written test, it was wonderful to see someone so young achieving a a full International Certificate. 


Congratulations to Maria.

Danill Koivistoinen

It is often said that it is very difficult for adults to learn foreign languages, a theory supported by detailed research.   One reason is that work so often gets in the way.  Indeed, Danill works full time for the medical emergency services in Moscow.  This means long hours, with shifts of 24 hours, in addition to commuting.


In October 2016, encouraged by his partner (now wife) Danill started learning English. In December 2017 Danill passed the A2 Spoken test.

In achieving the award, one other factor impressed tremendously.  Complementing his progress made in his English studies and his full time work, Danill is also studying at The K.I. Skryabinam Veterinary Academy, Moscow with the aim of qualifying as a veterinary surgeon in the not too distant future.

Combining full time work, a challenging University course and making such dramatic progress in his English studies shows outstanding dedication and intrinsic motivation that should be encouraged at every opportunity.  His performance was therefore quite remarkable.

As a result of the award, Daniil has now taken and Passed the A2 Written exam.   Congratulations to Danill and his teacher, Olga.


Very special congratulations to both Maria and Daniil, who each received one free examination voucher courtesy of Verba International Ltd.  May they thrive and prosper.               

Results for the Spring 2019 examinations are now published

All centres now have full results of the Spring examinations, please contact your local Verba International Examinations Centre teacher for your results.


If you are unable to get your results, then please contact us to learn how you did.