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Verba International Ltd, founded by Keith Watts, is a UK based organisation dedicated to excellence in the English language. It is based in the English county of Herefordshire and in London.


Our philosophy is simple; we believe in honesty, transparency, integrity and fun - whether that's in English teaching, international examinations or lecturing. 


Our business growth is achieved through word of mouth, working with people who know and trust us, then recommend us.  These are old fashioned principles but delivered using the latest educational and teaching philosophies.

Congratulations to all students for success in the  December 2023 Euroexam International English examinations



Examination candidates in Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moscow, Lyubertsy, Saratov and Malahovkha achieved amazing results in the December 2023 Euroexam International English examinations.

A1: 100% success with 61% achieving a Distinction and 39% a standard Pass
A2: 100% success with 61% achieving a Distinction and 39% a standard Pass
B1: 100% success with 28% achieving a Distinction and 72% a standard Pass
B2:  93% success with 45% achieving a Distinction and 48% a standard Pass

This is a tremendous result and represents excellent teaching and students.  Well done all!!

We continue to support the children and schools with Russia, believing that they are not part of the current situation.  They form the future of Russia, the future of the world, the future of peace.  Just as we did in December 2023, we are committed to working with them for the Spring 2024 Euroexam International English examination programme. I know that I will continue to be made welcome.

If you wish to be included in the programme, please do contact us as soon as possible to help our planning process.

December 2023 (completed)

 New offices in Georgia & Kazakhstan

Spring 2024

Examination venues will include:
Moscow & Moscow region



Welcome back to the UK. EJO, one of the UK's leading Summer language schools will again be accepting students in 2024.


Covid rules:  There are now no Covid 19 restrictions on entering the UK.