Aviation English

English is the language of aviation, whether as a pilot, flight attendant or air traffic controller.


Easy, standard phrases are contained in ICAO Annex 10 volume 2 (Communications Procedures), this covers everything, doesn’t it?  Of course not, it can’t.


As a pilot you might be negotiating with air traffic control (ATC) for re-routing due to a sick passenger or technical problems, you need weather information, details of delays at your destination.  You need to understand non-standard communication between other aircraft and ATC as this might affect you flight, discuss problems with push-back, baggage handling, irate customers.


Of course you also need to know (and understand) the standard phrases.  So important is aviation related “English communication” that most major airlines and indeed countries insist on you passing an English proficiency test.


We can help.


Verba International's principal, Keith Watts is a trained English language teacher, Euroexam Examinations secretary and pilot.  



Work with Keith to develop your aviation English and be ready for your English language proficiency test.


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