Join our family of International English examination centres in Russia

Verba International delivers International English examinations in many Russian cities, but we are looking for more.


We are actively looking to appoint new partner centres in St Petersburg, Samara, Krasnoyarsk, Ufa, Magnitogorsk and Novokusnetsk.


What makes Euroexam International English examinations unique in Russia?


  • Truly international. Euroexams are conducted by a British based, native English speaker, traveling specifically from the UK.
  • Honest. The visiting British invigilator and interlocutor has no influence over the marking; marking is carried out totally independently.
  • Fun!  Exams do not need to be boring or frightening. Lots of students even ask for a selfie with the examiner – something we're very pleased to do, but only after the exam!
  • Real – the tasks replicate “real world” needs: students who pass Euroexam thrive in study, holidays and work in an English speaking environment.
  • Motivational – real tasks, real native speaker, real language, enjoyable and approachable – students look forward to the next exams!
  • Choice of just written or spoken tests, or take both together – this means less pressure and easier studying.
  • Recognised by the Council of Europe and accepted as the state exam in specific central European communities.
  • Meets Common Europeans Framework of Reference (CEFR) criteria, so accepted in international universities and businesses.
  • The fastest growing International English examinations board in Russia.
  • Real. Teachers at our partner centres do not know the questions; see the answers or influence the outcome in any way. We simply rely on good teaching to prepare our students.
University recognition list
Just some of the many universities across Europe that favour Euroexam passes.
Euroexam University Recognition.pdf
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Examination Checklist
Here's a reminder of some of the key procedures for centres.
Do check this out before your exams.
Examination Check lists.pdf
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