UK Summer Schools

Why the UK?

If your students are learning English, then using it in the home of the language is the logical choice. Students grow in confidence as they shop, go sightseeing, use public transport, visit cultural events and explore the UK.  There is no better way to improve your students' motivation and confidence.

With almost 500,000 students from across the world come to UK summer schools. Britain's education system is recognised as one of the best in the world, and, in a 2019 Global Finance review, the UK is far safer than many destinations you might choose for your summer holiday including Greece, Italy, Turkey, Egypt and, the USA.  

Which summer school?

With hundreds of summer schools across the UK, choosing the best can be difficult, so here's a few tips:

  • British Council recognition is a mark of excellence - this gives everyone confidence.
  • Well established?  Summer schools come and go so make sure that the one you choose has experience and has been around a long time.
  • Choice of accommodation. I'd always recommend homestay where the students stay with a family.  This encourages the students to use English and introduces diverse vocabulary.
  • Balanced programme: lots of excursions, activities and, of course lessons.  The school should recognise that fun helps learning.

Why I recommend the Elizabeth Johnson Organisation (EJO).

From the early days of International English exams in Russia we have worked with EJO.  During this time thousands of students have stayed with them, and they are chosen by our biggest centres. 

EJO are British Council, English UK and Education UK registered, and therefore operate the highest educational and safety standards.  I also like their personal approach, let;s face it, with kids around sometimes things go wrong, so these are quickly and efficiently resolved.  

Lastly, the kids (and teachers) have a great time.  The excursions, activities and lessons are great and, with a choice of homestay or residential accommodation, you can find the best possible programme.

Which city / town?


This (and Bristol) are my favourites.  Guildford is a very pretty city of about 140,000 population. It is 43km south-west of London.  Trains run directly to London and the shopping is excellent. 

The River Wey is beautiful for walking beside and so much of this small city is old and set amid local hills.

Don't forget to visit the old castle and walk up to the cathedral.


Reading (population 300,000) is a town 64 km west of London to which there is a very fast and easy train connection to London. 

Although not as pretty as other options, the range of shopping is excellent, as is access to Oxford and Windsor.

Walk by the River Thames, visit the castle and Abbey Gateway where Jane Austen attended school.


Alton is a pretty, small town of about 20,000 population.  It is surrounded by beautiful countryside but still near enough to  have a direct rail service  to London.  It has strong connections with Jane Austin and is close to the seaside towns of Portsmouth and Southampton.

Do visit and ride on the historic steam trains and visit the beautiful clear rivers and watercress beds.


Although small, its location only 27km north-west of London makes it an ideal location, with a short train ride into London.   If you are looking for residential accommodation previous visitors tell me that the food and accommodation is wonderful, making it the perfect residential base.

Whilst there do visit the local church and enjoy the experience.


Bristol is the UK's 10th largest city with a population about 460,000.  Bristol is overflowing with history, from the pretty old docks, the magnificent Clifton Suspension Bridge, tall ships, art galleries and wonderful shopping.  Although further from the London airports, the extra travelling really is worthwhile,  I'd recommend it!

What to visit?  Everywhere - too much to mention!!


Hindhead is a pretty little town (population about 3500), situated in the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  This is ideal for quiet walks and, just like Alton, is about halfway between London and the seaside city of Portsmouth.  The larger city of Guildford is only 17km away.