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“Keith was a motivating presence in the classroom and consistently delivered engaging and creative lessons” says David Busby, University of Worcester.


You can learn a lot from your Russian English teacher, however, in some areas a native English speaker can add to that teaching.  A few additional lessons aimed at helping you with connected speech (how native speakers join words together), pronunciation, language rhythm, inflection and stress can make an astonishing difference to your language and help you speak just like a native.


Keith is an experienced and fully qualitied teacher of English to non-native speakers.

Although UK based and a native English speaker, Keith works with students across Russia (a country he loves), whether on Skype or in classroom situations.

“English is the international language of business and travel, it creates opportunities for education, science and influence,” states Keith.  “I love Russia, its people, cities and countryside; by teaching English I believe that I can help bring greater prosperity and opportunities to this great country”


Keith's role as Examinations secretary in Russia for Euroexam also means he knows exactly what's needed to pass international exams, too.


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